hot & sweaty

so here is something real special!!!
eric wrenn first came into the cut&mistake radar back in january at what turned out to be the last party at the legendary, post supreme trading, brooklyn bushwick ‘party loco’ enclave

the party turned out to be an impromptu madhouse ……… the kind of party where the kinetic energy was just bouncing from one sweaty body to another …… and then up stepped eric onto the decks and just raised that voltage another notch

all vinyl ….. all classic tracks ][ never heard before …… absolutely off the chain, hook and everything and anything that can be considered to be off the ……..
eric was kind enough to do a mix for ][ here and its an absolute cracker and once again don’t know have half the tracks dropped and wondering how ][ got this far in life without having these stormers grace ][ ears
on top of everything else this guy is one hell of an awesome graphic designer working on a variety of awesome projects including beautiful intricate cover design of seth troxler’s/sex trothler “sexplosion ep” on wagon repair recordings (seth followed eric on the decks that same night)….check out his work

hot & sweaty
mix: eric wrenn

kc flightt – summer madness (sex for days mix) [rca]
class action – weekend (larry levan mix) [sleeping bag records]
mousse t – ooh song [peppermint jam]
mike huckaby – disco time [harmonie park]
andrè wade – the flight of jacking your body (club mix) [play house records]
jody “fingers” finch – jack your big booty (derrick carter remix) [let’s pet puppies]
bizzy b. – the night calls [jack street]
4th measure men – the keep (armand’s funkingdom mix) [area 10]
md x-(s)press – tha muzik’s gettin’ stronger [nite stuff]
dj technics – girlfriend [baltimore club classics]
m. doc – it’s percussion (house mix) [silk entertainment]

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3 Responses to hot & sweaty

  1. matt says:

    Can't wait to listen to this one. Looks great.

  2. this is exploding my brain. nice1

  3. atomly says:

    yeah, eric wrenn killed it at that party, as did bday party ever… except that opener. heh.

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