augmentum mx

augmentum mx
mix: onno


after a forced exodus from digital interconnectivity …. glad to be able to reconnect …..
this involved a car … a bicycle … a skull … and mother earth ………… in that order ……
hit & run to double fracture head trauma, internal bleeding, brain air bubble, and a very hairy 24hrs …….
……………….. and a police force that only give a shit about what deli they’re gettin their free lunch from …………..
dont get ][ started …………
……..yeah fuck the lot of them …… not a time to warm the heart of my cooling faith in humanity

… but not the right time to hand in the playing cards yet though ……..
mega tough recovery ….. physically and emotionally …. with some nerve damage to the right ear and a permanent scar in the form of constant pitch from left to right and notch of nerve ending mid/high frequency loss

…… with the help of friend and mentor, the very very peter venuto, and his incredibility challenging electric rainbow machine and the healing mandalas sent to ][ during recovery you can be bet your bottom dollar ][][ will get to the bottom of some LED dosage to help in the regeneration of those nerves ….. (hang on is a dollar still worth anything?)
…… induction, resonance, ode to teslian dreams ….. there will be light and energy at the end of every true tunnel

………. its nice to eventually say that the podcast series is back up and running with much news and exciting projects to come over the coming months ………..
this mix is a lil rough around the edges but the tracks are as always a reason to believe in the ethereal power of the organisation of frequencies

black moth super rainbow – from the see – : graveface records
bleep district – secret disciples (jonno & tommo’s new testament dub) – ornate music
donnacha costello – miss synclaviera – minimise
stephen beaupre – achaemenid – wagon repair
jackmate – in flux – phil e
floating points – shangrila – r2 records
international pony – la moda (we love ennio mix) – compost records
emt – extra lunch – cocoon recordings
sebo k & metro – saxtrack (reboot twisted fist remix) – cécille records
kora – skankenstein (cabaret voltaire versions) – shiva records
clark – look into the heart now – warp records
estroe – does it ring a bell – connaisseur recordings

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3 Responses to augmentum mx

  1. matt says:

    Wow! Glad to see/hear you're back and very sorry for the cycling incident. Best of luck in your continued recovery.

  2. GB says:

    Good to hear you back in the mix. Blake.

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